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Telegram Premium Brings Faster Downloads and Exclusive Stickers for $4.99

A few weeks after announcing a premium tier for Telegram, the messaging app has finally made it official. As expected, Telegram Premium brings bonus features such as bigger upload limits, faster download speeds, and exclusive stickers for $4.99 per month.

All of these premium features are highlighted in Telegram’s blog post, including the ability to upload 4GB files, up from the standard 2GB. Premium users will also get double the limits imposed on standard users. For instance, paid users will be able to join up to 1000 groups and channels instead of 500, pin up to 10 chats instead of 5, save 400 GIFs instead of 200, and more.

You can also have a folder of exclusive stickers with full-screen animations, exclusive emoji reactions, and animated profile photos similar to Discord and Steam. Telegram Premium will also let you convert voice messages into text in case you don’t have any headphones. You can also change your default chat folder and remove sponsored messages in public channels.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov assures its users that free features will remain free and standard users will also be able to take advantage of premium features such as downloading larger files shared by subscribers and using their exclusive emojis through quoted replies.

Telegram Premium is not available to everyone just yet, but it should roll out around the globe soon.

Courtesy : proPakistani

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