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Tempura with prawns, onion rings & more Recipes

Tempura with prawns, onion rings & more

Tempura with prawns, onion rings & more Recipe


1. Batter: – Flour 1 cup
2. Corn Flour 2 tbsp
3. Black pepper ½ tsp
4. Salt 1 tsp – Egg 1
5. Iced cold soda water ¾ to 1 cup
6. Oil for deep frying
7. Corn flour for coating ½ cup
8. Prawns 200 gms
9. Mix vegetables (Onion/French beans/Cauliflower/Carrots/Capsicum/ Brinjal or any of your choice


1. In a bowl add flour, corn flour, and salt, black pepper and mix well. Add egg and mix. Add chilled soda water gradually. Don’t overmix the batter, it will have small lumps.
2. Keep the oil for frying on medium heat.
3. Coat vegetables in corn flour and then in batter and deep fry. Repeat procedure for prawns.
4. Fry till light golden.
5. Serve with sauce of your choice.

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