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Thanks to Tinder’s ‘Plus One’ feature, you can now easily find a wedding date

The famous dating application, Tinder, is now giving people a chance to find a wedding date or even be one at weddings. The new ‘Plus One’ feature is the new addition to Tinder’s list of ‘Explore’ so as to help single people out.

As the wedding season is approaching, Tinder searches are constantly showing the hashtags of ‘plus one’ since the year start. Recently, the dating app partnered up with various names such as WeddingWire and Lyft. It joined hands with the former, which is also a wedding planning company; in order to find single people to cover the wedding costs using the wedding grant giveaway. The first 100 people to sign up today will be given $460 amount to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and wedding present.

The Plus One tool will ease the difficulties to find out the perfect plus ones based on the searcher’s interests, by cutting out the hassle of weeding through irrelevant candidates.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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