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The Russian top brass intends to poison Putin

Ukrainian intelligence claims that elements of Russia’s ruling elite are plotting to poison Vladimir Putin.

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense’s Chief Directorate of Intelligence, “a number of important” Kremlin insiders are scheming to depose Putin.
The “Russian elite’s” stated objective is to depose the president as quickly as possible before resuming economic links with the West.

The Ukrainian intelligence service also believes that a successor to Putin has already been lined up in the form of FSB head Oleksandr Bortnikov, writes a magazine.

Powerful insiders are said to be alarmed by the war’s implications and the restrictions placed on Russia’s economy.

“It is known that Bortnikov and some other powerful representatives of the Russian elite are studying various measures to remove Putin from office,” claimed the Chief Directorate of Intelligence.

“Poisoning, sudden sickness, or any other ‘coincidence’ is not precluded in particular.”

Bortnikov, 70, is Putin’s close buddy, and the two men ascended the Russian social ladder together.

They both worked for the KGB in Leningrad before Bortnikov became head of the renamed security service.

According to an in-depth examination by the Dossier Centre, Bortnikov’s FSB is both the brain and the heart of the Putin dictatorship, functioning as a “state within the state.”

Bortnikov is alleged to have fallen out of favour with Putin as a result of his mistakes during the Ukraine war.

An enraged Putin has slammed and fired eight generals in an attempt to shift blame away from himself for the horrific battle that has killed over 15,000 of his men in just 25 days.

“It is interesting that Bortnikov has lately been degraded by the Russian ruler,” a Ukrainian intelligence source recently stated.

“The official cause for the FSB leader’s shame – grave miscalculations in the battle against Ukraine.”

“Bortnikov and his staff were in charge of studying the mood of Ukraine as well as the capability of the Ukrainian army.”

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the planning elite picked former KGB member Bortnikov to lead because he has the ability to remove sanctions and restore economic links with the West.

Bortnikov is thought to have a network of insiders working and residing in Ukraine because of his background.

Rumours and suspicions, according to a Western source, “will sow the seeds of paranoia and distrust in the leadership.”

“There is no question that when the Russian elite feel the pressure of sanctions, they will be looking ahead with an eye on what a disaster this conflict has been for them – and it’s only going to get worse.”

“There is a strong feeling that a tiny group of individuals may now try to depose the Russian President, but whether they will succeed remains to be seen.”

The development follows accusations that Vladimir Putin has become increasingly anxious about his own close circle.

The Russian president is claimed to be particularly concerned about poisoning and to have instructed a team of tasters to examine his cuisine.

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