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TikTok Launches Urdu Safety Center in Pakistan

TikTok, the short-video sharing application, has launched an Urdu version of its Safety Center in Pakistan.

The Urdu version of Safety Center contains policies, tools, and resources to educate users with the platform and a wide range of protection measures while using TikTok.

It also aims to enable parents and guardians to view the safety ecosystem of the platform through a number of videos on how the application approaches safety, community guidelines, and resources available to them.

Here is what TikTok’s Safety Center has to offer for its Urdu speaking audience:

  1. Guides
  • Well-being guide
  • New user guide
  • Guardian’s guide
  • Approach to safety
  1. Safety and privacy controls
  • Account settings
  • Community controls
  • Content controls
  1. Safety partners
  2. Safety news and updates
  3. A dedicated section for the prevention of bullying, self-harm, and suicide.

courtesy: propakistani

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