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Twitter Destroys Arnab Goswami Over Rib-Tickling ISI Exposé [Video]

Indian journalist, Arnab Goswami, has once again broken the cardinal rule of journalism — you don’t report false news.

Symbolized as a spectacle for being notorious in reporting on the affairs of Pakistan based on theatrical whims and not facts, Goswami has simply outdone himself this time by abetting his viewers to believe that Pakistan’s premier intelligence watchdog — the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) — has been staging covert operations from the fifth floor of the Serena hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Fun Fact: The Serena hotel in Kabul has only two floors.

Goswami’s rabble-rousing antics made waves on Twitter like crazy, and netizens all over the world took it as an opportunity to share their own comical opinions.

A few netizens chose to compromise their identity as agents and revealed the ISI’s future plans for renovation.

#ArnabGoswami is now trending on Pakistan’s Twitter trends, and the country does not look like it will forget this any time soon.

A few sources have told ProPakistani that the ISI has ‘vacated’ the Fifth Floor due to security concerns. But who knew there was a sixth floor as well?

Confident journalists are the pride and joy of TV channels they work for. What about journalists who report fake news?

courtesy: propakistani

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