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Two minutes of scrolling on social media can completely wreck a person’s mood

Scientists determined that skimming through negative news headlines about coronavirus on Twitter and YouTube is enough to lower happiness levels and leave you in bad mood.

Psychologists at the University of Essex conducted two tests to determine how long it takes for a person’s mood to plummet after being exposed to negative information, and they discovered that unpleasant news is more likely to put people in a bad mood.

The leader of the study, Dr.Kathryn Buchanan, said, “We wanted to test how quickly the negative impact was felt.”

“If even a mere few minutes of exposure to bad Covid-related news can result in immediate reductions to wellbeing, then extended and repeated exposure may over time add up to significant mental health consequences.”

“Our findings suggest the importance of being mindful of one’s own news consumption, especially on social media,” he added.

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