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Tyson Fury retains his WBC heavyweight title after defeating Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder faced off each other for the WBC heavyweight title on Saturday. In a heart-pounding encounter of extraordinary physical and psychological intensity that ennobled both men, he defended the heavyweight title in the 11th round.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum, after the two boxers’ fight, talked to the reporters and said: “I’ve been in this business 57 years promoting fights and I truly have to say I have never seen a heavyweight fight as magnificent as this,”

Tyson left the WBC world nearly two years after amid public battles with addiction and mental illness.

During the fourth round, he put Wilder on the ground, after which he found himself on the ground twice in the fourth round.

After this Tyson roared back with knockdowns in the 10th and 11th rounds. Match referee Russell Mora confirmed the win after Tyson was upon his feet.

“Shots like that end careers,” Fury told reporters. “I just hope that he’s OK. Because he took a lot of punishment tonight.

“Don’t ever doubt me,” Fury said. “When the chips are down I will always deliver. I give him the glory for the victory. He’s a tough man — he took some big shots tonight.

“It was a great fight tonight as well as any trilogy in history.

They both faced back in Los Angles in 2018, where the match ended in a draw.

“We fought like two warriors in there,” said Fury of Saturday’s fight. “And I went over to shake his hand and say well done and he was like ‘No, I don’t respect you’.”

“I was like ‘How can you say I’ve cheated when you know in your heart, you’ve been beaten fair and square?’

“Is he a sore loser or what?

“But I’ve acted like a gentleman throughout my career and that’s all I can do.”

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