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UK Releases List of Gifts Received by PM & MPs Unlike Pakistan

The British government has declared earnings, payments, gifts, benefits, properties, land, and expenditures of officials, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The details were published in the Register of Members’ Financial Interest report that is updated on a monthly basis and includes every detail of benefits gained by MPs to ensure transparency.

PM Johnson declared the ownership of three new properties, one donation, two salary payments, and an amount of over £6,000 earned as royalties from books written by him apart from the gifts, in the latest report released on 20 September.

The practice of declaring gifts received on foreign tours is also followed in Scandinavian countries. However, in Pakistan, these gifts and benefits received by the politicians are submitted to Toshakhana (Treasury) and are kept from public information.

Similarly, the Swedish government bars its government officials from keeping a gift exceeding 400 Swedish Kronor ($46). Such gifts, donations, and payments must be handed over to the official gifts repository.

In Switzerland, it is a policy for government servants to declare and submit presents given to them from all over the world, which is displayed in their National Museum Zurich.

The UK’s Register of Interests also bounds MPs to declare financial interests or benefits they receive. The members must inform the register, maintained by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, about any change to their registerable interests within 28 days.

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