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‘Unleashed’: Apple event to be held on October 18

The tech giant, Apple has recently sent out invites and asked its guests to gear up for the upcoming mega event that goes by the name ‘Unleashed’, which according to the reports will take place on October 18.

Everybody is asked to mark his calendars since the event is going to be live streamed from its Cupertino headquarters around 10 AM. The company is probably upgrading its desktops and other gadgets to the new in-house silicon. But since the event is named ‘Unleashed’, it is probable that the company is aiming to expand its product line by launching something new.

However, some say Airpods seem like a rational possibility too. People are throwing their wild guesses while nobody knows what Apple has in store to introduce next.

After the Google’s Big Pixel event, people are eagerly waiting to know what Apple is going to ‘unleash’.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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