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US State Dept announces $2 million reward for alleged smuggler Abid Ali Khan

LAHORE: US Department of State Thursday announced a reward of $2 million for the information regarding suspected Pakistani human smuggler Abid Ali Khan of Nowshera.

“The first reward of up to $1 million is offered for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Ali Khan, while a second $1 million reward is offered for information leading to the financial disruption of Ali Khan’s human smuggling network,” said the State Department in a press statement on Thursday.

The US accuses Ali Khan of operating a Pakistani-based smuggling network that facilitates the travel of undocumented individuals into the United States from the Middle East and southwest Asia.

“In addition to planning and coordinating the international travel from Pakistan through multiple countries, Ali Khan allegedly offered or provided false documents for foreign nationals to use for travel,” claims the US.

The state department said that individuals like Ali Khan take advantage of vulnerable populations and gravely endanger the individuals being smuggled. It added that people who used the smuggler’s network to arrive in the US are often subject to perilous travel through South and Central America.

On April 7, the US Department of Justice issued a federal indictment of the Eastern District of Virginia charging Ali Khan with conspiracy to encourage and induce an alien to unlawfully to the country.

On the same date, the department of the treasury had also imposed sanctions against Ali Khan and the Ali Khan Transnational Criminal Organisation.

FIA investigating Ali Khan’s operations

On the other hand, sources told Bol News that following the sanctions the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and police launched an investigation into the allegations.

Abid Ali Khan who belongs to the Hakimabad locality in Nowshera was summoned and questioned by ASP Cantonment Waqas Rafiq.

Reportedly, Abid Ali Khan had told the police officer that the US authorities had been probing these allegations against him since 2015.

He claimed that one Sami hailing from Dir and based in Mexico was using his name. He asserted that he neither had a travel agency nor had been involved in human smuggling.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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