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Ushna Shah calls out airport security staff for ‘violating her personal space’

KARACHI – Pakistani TV actress Ushna Shah recently called out the security staff at the Jinnah International Airport allegedly for violating her personal space without consent.

The Parizaad actress, who has often spoken about her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how it affects people’s daily routines, took to Twitter to share how she was treated at the Karachi airport and pointed out a security officer’s “unhygienic behaviour”. 

She wrote, “What. Is. With. People. Touching. Other. People. Without. Consent?!” Narrating the unfortunate incident, she further added, “How the heck is it okay for a security officer at Karachi airport to frisk me and run her hands through my hair without gloves and without sanitising her hands? OCD is a real thing, I am shaking & retching!”

Many agreed with the Balaa star and expressed how they’ve often felt the same when at airport security checks. A user even expressed how they have to particularly remind the security officer at duty to sanitise their hands and wear gloves, otherwise, they continue with the poor hygiene. 

Earlier this month, Shah had a rather uncomfortable moment when interacting with a fan in public too.

The 32-year-old actor took to Twitter to share how her day was “ruined” by an unwanted touch and talked about the need for personal space, especially from strangers.

Shah wrote, “The aunty at the mall will never know she effectively ruined my day by touching me (my hair, had she touched my face my week would have been ruined). Is the concept of wanting personal space from strangers so foreign that it falls in the realms of badtameezi (misbehaving)? Or is it just me?”

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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