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Viral Video: Olive Ridley turtles arriving for mass nesting at Odisha coast is incredible

A video of Olive Ridley turtles mass nesting on the Odisha coast has gone viral on the internet. Susanta Nanda, an IFS officer, shared the video on Twitter. The internet has gone crazy over a video of Olive Ridley turtles mass nesting on the Odisha coast. IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared the video on Twitter.

A total of 2.45 lakh turtles have taken over the seashore in Odisha. They arrived at the rookeries of Gahirmatha and Rushikulya at the same time. According to Nanda, this is an unusual occurrence.

Reads the caption of the post, “Odisha is witnessing a rare phenomenon of mass nesting at Gahiramatha & Rushikulya rookeries simultaneously. Mass nesting also started at Rushikulya from 4.00 am today. Yesterday it started at Gahirmatha.”

Susanta Nanda captioned the post, “Happy to inform that one of the most spectacular natural events-the arribada- has started at Gahiramatha coast of Kendrapada district, Odisha. The annual mass nesting of lakhs of female Olive Ridleys is breathtaking. Staff are all geared up to give them the best possible protection.”

Susanta Nanda also posted a video of the stunning location to Twitter. Nanda wrote in the caption, “Wonders of nature. The beach taken over by 2.45 lakh visiting mothers in their annual sojourn. Staff extending Z++ protection to the foreign guests.”

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