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Waseem Badami’s hand got injured in the live show

Waseem Badami is a famous Pakistani TV host. He currently hosts the 11th hour on Ary News. His show Har Lamha Purjosh is well-known for its Masoomana Sawalaat segment.

Waseem Badami co-hosts Shan-e-Ramzan with Iqrar-ul-Hassan. It has segments like Shan-e-Iftaar and Shan-e-Dastarkhwaan. The audience loves this show because they have both hosted it for years. Recently, Waseem Badami had an accident on set.

A video of him bandaging his wrist went viral. Waseem’s fans are enraged by the video and want to know its meaning. Waseem has now released a video detailing the entire incident. Waseem says Iqrar’s hand is damaged, so open a packet with a knife.

He stabbed his hand with the knife while opening it, injuring his wrist. He left the live show and was immediately treated by doctors. It didn’t hurt his veins, and he didn’t lose much. He thanked his fans, well-wishers, and coworkers for their prayers. We pray for Waseem’s speedy and safe recovery.

Courtesy Bol News

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