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Watch: At midst of food shortage, Russians fight over sugar in supermarkets

The country’s economy has tanked as a result of Western sanctions implemented in response to Russians’ unjustified invasion of Ukraine, raising fears of food shortages among people.

As a result, Russians are resorting to last-minute food purchases. A video of dozens of Russians fighting for sugar packets in a Russian supermarket has gone popular on social media. Crowds of people can be seen shouting, jostling, and climbing over one another to get the last bags of sugar in the footage.

A man with five packets of sugar in his shopping basket was punched five times in the face after a disagreement with a furious consumer, according to another source. Sugar is in high demand, but so are essentials like buckwheat and salt.

According to Reuters, Russian government officials claim there is no sugar shortage and that the situation is the consequence of panic buying and sugar firms stockpiling to keep prices high. “Of course, not everyone can cope with their emotions,” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. “But if you know the real information, you understand that there is absolutely no need to run around the shops buy toilet paper, buckwheat, sugar, and so on.”

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