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Watch: Non-profitable beaches are cleaned with litter-sifting robot in Florida

The beach cleaning robot, BeBot, was donated to the nonprofit Keep Florida Beautiful by the Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation.

Keep Florida Beautiful claims to be the first nonprofit in the United States to clean beaches with a remote-controlled robot.

Savanna Christy, executive director of Keep Florida Beautiful, told the media, “It is meant to go over soft dry sand and it sifts the very top layer of sand, removing very small pieces of debris that are often missed in manual cleanups.”

Christy added, “It does pick up plastic fragments, bottle caps, cigarette butts, plastic straws, food wrappers — you name it, it’s picking it up and sifting it out of the sand.”

According to Christy, the robot isn’t sensitive enough to filter out transparent microplastics smaller than 5 millimetres, but it can sift out anything larger than a square centimetre.

Courtesy Bol News

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