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Will Apple release its largest MacBook Air in 2023?

  • Expects to release 15-inch MacBook Air.
  • Not expected to include it in the Air series.
  • It will use the same 30 Watt power adapter.

Apple might set a new record for the largest MacBook Air in 2023 by releasing a 15-inch model, reported BGR.

According to a trusted Apple insider, the company is working on the larger MacBook Air but will probably not include it in the Air series. 

According to a well-known analyst, Ming-Chiwill Kuo, the 15-inch MacBook Air should be available for mass production by the last quarter of 2023.

Interestingly, Kuo adds that despite the larger screen, the power consumption for the Air model is not expected to increase. It will use the same 30 Watt power adapter.

Currently, there is just one standard MacBook Air size which is a 13-inch version. Its size matches the pre-2021 MacBook Pro.

It is unsure what Kuo meant when he added that it might not be called a MacBook Air because currently Apple only sells two types of laptops, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. 

Courtesy : GeoNews

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