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Will continue to protest until free and fair elections held: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman and former prime minister Imran on Sunday said they will continue to protest for their rights against the government until “free and fair” elections are not held. 

“This is a form of jihad to protest for your rights,” he said, while addressing party workers across the country via video link during a protest against rising inflation. He said the wave of inflation will not stop and will affect the masses.

He asked why the nation was on a downward spiral ever since the no-confidence motion was passed to oust him. “The PDM claims I left landmines for them and had a deal with the IMF,” he said, adding the prices of wheat, rice, flour and other essential items have have increased manifold.

He said increasing the price of diesel affects farmers which created food shortages and raises prices. “We were in the IMF deal for over three years. Did we increase the prices? In fact we reduced price of petrol by Rs10 per litre by raising funds and gave subsidies worth Rs200 billion.”

He said despite being in the IMF programme, they provided health cards, the largest welfare programme which gave free treatment up to one million rupees. He said they also gave Ehsaas ration programme to ten million households.

“We got a worse off economy in the form of current account deficit worth $20 billion. We ended the deficit and brought growth to 6 percent despite the coronavirus pandemic,” he said, adding Pakistan is once of the few countries which exemplary recovery.

He said they also made efforts to be removed from the FATF’s grey list. This was led by Hammad Azhar and the civil-military leadership. But now, he said, Moodys has downgraded Pakistan’s rating making it difficulty to secure loans while WAPDA’s rating has been reduced which will affect the construction of dam projects.

“There was a conspiracy spearheaded by US. I told the neutrals they would not able to control the impact on the economy,” he added, saying it was an ideal opportunity to spoil the conspiracy but the government had other motives.

Imran Khan said they have never interfered in the working of institutions. He said PML-N leader Khurram Dastgir has revealed how they were worried of being in jail if their corruption cases progressed. “This is NRO 2, the cases in the last ten years.”

He said the PML-N blackmailed to support FATF legislation if their cases were withdrawn. He said Rs1,200 billion worth corruption cases will be waived if the NAB Amendment Bill 2022 is implemented.

“You are the slaves of United States,” he chided the government, adding the PTI was set to buy cheap oil from Russia like India, Sri Lanka and other countries but the government need to appease other powers.

“I fear we are on the same path as Sri Lanka and will not have dollars for imports,” he added. “Now the only way is begging the US to release the funds. Miftah Ismail has already reached the US ambassador for the funds.”

“There is no free lunch. The price for this will be our sovereignty,” he expressed. He said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari wants ties with India which is a setback for the rights of Kashmiris while PPP Senator Saleem Mandviwala is hinting at establishing relation with Israel.

“If these people are imposed, they will bury all institutions. NAB has been finished. Police has been used against us and blasphemy cases were registered. Even Noam Chomsky has expressed concerns over rights of political workers,” he added.

He alleged the PML-N was set to rig the by-elections in Punjab with connivance with the ECP. “The will impose themselves by instilling fear. Their leaders are controlling the nation from abroad.”

He said the people need to raise their voices. He said the party will continue to protest until free and fair elections are not held or else there will be further incitement and violence.

Courtesy Bol News

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