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Windows 11 has Performance Issues With AMD Ryzen Processors

Windows 11 has just been released around the globe 6 years after Windows 10. But as with every fresh release, there are often bugs or performance issues that need to be ironed out.

As such, Windows 11 is facing performance issues with AMD Ryzen processors. Microsoft has said that AMD chips can face up to a 15% performance drop on Windows 11.

There are two issues plaguing AMD-powered machines running the new OS. The first is that Windows 11 may triple L3 cache latency on these computers. This can cause up to a 3 to 5% performance drop in some video games, but some competitive games played in eSports can face up to a 15% performance drop.

The second issue affects AMD’s “preferred core” technology, which is responsible for shifting threads over to the fastest core on a processor. AMD has warned that users with more than 8 cores on their CPUs can face performance issues that are more noticeable.

The good news is that AMD and Microsoft are already working on a fix. The two companies have said that they are “actively investigating these known issues for resolution via software updates.”

Windows 11 has two updates scheduled for later this month, one is a software update while the other is an OS update. We are hoping to see a fix in one of these updates.

In any case, we recommend users stick to Windows 10 until most of Windows 11’s issues are ironed out.

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