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Writer Mustafa Afridi Reveals The Meaning Of Sang E Mah

Sang e Mah is a very different story with a Shakespearean influence to it. With complex characters and intricately woven storyline, Sang e Mah is being appreciated for its writing as much as it is being appreciated for its performances. Mustafa Afridi is the mind behind Sang e Mah and he has also written Sang e Mar Mar, the first story in the sequence before this.

While talking on G Sarkar, Mustafa Afridi revealed the meaning of Sang e Mah. It is known now that the stone that Hilmand wears on his ring is named as Sang e Mah. What is a surprising revelation is that stone is not originally called Sang e Mah but Hajr e Qamar. Mustafa Afridi invented this new name for the stone in line with the title of his previous drama Sang e Mar Mar.

Listen from the man behind the pen who created the world of Sang e Mah, the meaning of what it means:

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