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YouTube threatens content creators to demonetize low quality kids’ videos

YouTube has announced that it will begin demonetizing low-quality videos on the accounts for kids from next month. All the YouTube channels, claiming themselves as “made for kids” content have been warned by the video streaming platform to stop promoting negative behaviour or violence. “Such sort of content will not be tolerated by the YouTube regulators, and immediate action will be taken against the creators producing it on YouTube kids’ application,” it said.
The plan related to added protection for minors was revealed in August this year. YouTube said that some updates will directly switch default settings on videos to private for the 13-17 age group, while it will also enable a ’take a break’ feature and sleep reminders for them.
The latest YouTube warning is focused on those creators who make money by adding “overly commercial content”.
The creators whose channels could be impacted will be notified about the changes through an email, said YouTube. Moreover, channels that haven’t been impacted but produce low-quality content won’t receive an email, but a yellow icon as a warning.
YouTube joined the suit after the leading applications, including Google, Instagram, and TikTok announced their legal actions against those violating the guidelines. The platform said it will keep reevaluating its policies and making relevant changes, so that, it becomes more safe and secure for kids.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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