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YouTube to Start Demonetizing Low Quality Content for Kids

Google is updating YouTube policies to encourage high-quality content on the platform. Starting in November, YouTube will start demonetizing “low quality” content made for kids on the main YouTube app and YouTube Kids.

According to YouTube, videos that encourage bad behavior or include overly commercial content will be considered low quality and will be demonetized. YouTube warns that these videos will get little to no ads and violating guidelines will also lead to removal from the YouTube Partner Program.

This move comes as part of Google’s recent efforts to make YouTube and YouTube Kids a better place for children and their families. The search engine giant also expanded parental controls for tweens at the start of the year. But more recently, Google has started adding new safety features for kids across different platforms.

Some of these safety features include a change to the default upload setting on YouTube which changes content visibility to the most private option for teens and kids. Here is what Google had to say about its latest policy changes:

Our ultimate goal is to foster a safe and enriching environment for families while rewarding trusted creators who are making high-quality kids and family content.

The policy changes are going into effect next month, but it will take some time before they become fully effective.

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