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Zong 4G – Making A Real Socioeconomic Impact Through CSR

Social divide exists everywhere in one form or the other. Unfortunately, despite democratic thoughts taking over the world, not all people get access to the same opportunities in life. Many still lack access to the very basic life amenities like health, education, drinking water, electricity, etc.

Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the situation and widened the opportunity gaps for the underprivileged. As it’s not possible for the governments to create a truly equal and egalitarian society, socially responsible organizations try to reduce the opportunity gaps through CSR.

In Pakistan, the situation is no different. The pandemic has meant disaster for many, especially the daily wagers and small business owners. But the role the corporate sector has played in helping to mitigate the impact of the socioeconomic meltdown due to Covid has been commendable.

Pakistan’s telecom sector, in particular, emerged as a huge benefactor when communications and digital services were needed the most. And among the top telecom players in Pakistan was Zong with its all-out support to the nation in this time of immense crisis.

Here are some of the ways Zong extended its exemplary support to the Pakistani people, government, and non-government social players.

Reaching Out to People during the Pandemic

To play its part in curbing the effects of the pandemic, Zong donated necessary supplies, both in cash and equipment, to the provincial governments of Pakistan to ensure the smooth operation of critical services and health facilities in the country.

In order to protect the front-line workers from the virus, Zong procured necessary preventive gear from China and donated them to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) for distribution.

A significant step by Zong was its partnership with the local governments of Punjab, KP, and Sindh to help spread awareness about the coronavirus in order to educate people on the necessary preventive measures.

Zong also collaborated with UNICEF to spread awareness about the pandemic using all its digital channels to circulate relevant and reliable information. The content for the campaign was developed by UNICEF in coordination with the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination (MoNHSR&C) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

A major breakthrough was Zong’s tele-doctor helpline (0310-4-CORONA / 0310-4-67662) which was dedicated to helping the doctors in KPK to guide patients during self-isolation. In a similar campaign, Zong partnered with the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) to actively fight against the pandemic in the region.

Zong’s exclusive collaboration with Sehat Kahani, a digital health solution dedicated to providing healthcare services via the internet, is also helping thousands of underprivileged people get doctor consultations for free.

A significant part of Zong’s aid came in the form of discounted telecom services and special offers to help the masses study and work from home. Moreover, Zong’s employees collectively donated a significant sum to the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund.

Throughout the pandemic, Zong has stayed true to its commitment to providing a healthy work environment to its employees. Providing preventive equipment to its employees, ensuring proper disinfection of workplaces, and ensuring work from home approach for its employees are some of the steps that the company took to keep their safety and well-being in check.

CSR That Goes Beyond Just The Pandemic

Zong’s CSR activities have not been limited to pandemic times. In fact, the company has an extensive history of consistently reaching out to the communities in need, empowering them with diligent support.

The company has partnered with orphanages, old age homes, schools, and more where it has extended support, provided everyday supplies, and delivered training of sorts.

As a strong supporter of gender inclusivity, Zong has also adhered to building different vocational centers for girls and women. Furthermore, the company has also provided training to girls and women to ensure skill development for financial independence.

Collaborations with Educational Institutions

With an aim to digitalize education, Zong has partnered with Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) to launch an online course called ‘How to E-lance’ The course will equip 10,000 youth with the knowledge to become professional freelancers, equipping these young learners to launch online careers on the world’s top freelancing platforms.

Moreover, Zong’s strategic partnership with Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) for the development of a state-of-the-art 4G research lab has made it possible for hundreds of students at the university to enhance their skills through the latest technological lines.

Under a project with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Zong has served more than 100,000 students nationwide by providing high-speed broadband services.

Zong has also extended its support on the education front amid the pandemic and academic shutdown. The company partnered with NUST Military College of Signal (MCS) and Bahria University to provide training to students on its new IoT platform OneNET.

With annual free access to OneNET, Zong 4G’s training is focused on this platform’s features, benefits, IoT communication modules, and E-SIMs technology within academia.

For Zong, taking part in CSR activities is at the crux of the company’s culture where important social causes are aligned with the business.

Being one of the key connectivity providers to millions of Pakistanis, Zong continues to explore new avenues both in terms of service and social responsibility.

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